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im trying to sale my novations super bass station for 250, in stores its 700. and im also selling a yamaha dx7 for a hundred bucks normaly 300, but the yamaha needs to be reprogramed wich can be done at any electronics store.

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Synthesizer-wise: I'm currently working with a Korg MS2000B, Roland JP8080, Roland Juno-106, and a Korg Triton Le workstation. I have previously owned a Yamaha An1x, Korg MicroKorg, and an Alesis Micron. I have also used a Roland XP-80, Access Virus TI, Alesis Ion, and Korg Radias. Here is some of my music with the current synth setup.

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The first post is the hardest, right? It sets off some sort of standard, as it will be the only thing the next few will see. And they'll think "Oh it's one of those [insert stereotype] communities..." and think they might be not geeky enough or not into this or that style of music.

But, here's a short introduction: My name is Lars, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I have been played synths since around 1988, I think.
It was my brother's Korg M1 (yes, the one with the legendary Universe and Lore patches).

I have had a go at both "old school" subtractive synthesis and FM, and to a lesser extent, granular synthesis and additive synthesis. I own a Korg Polysix and a Yamaha CS1x, but I'm seriously considering a hottie rack module from Clavia as and hooking it up with a guitar-keyboard as soon as someone makes one that's more modern than 1997's Roland AX-7.
I did put a short gear list up on my not-yet-done web site. Pics coming soon :-)

Also, I have a dream of being able to build my own modules using kits from Paia. Anyone had good or bad experiences with this?
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